After 4 and 7 years respectively, I ended two orgies this summer.  I feel so 
legit now.  Makes me want to do dishes and mow the lawn.  
> If our sites didnt look like a bunch of rats had an orgy during a tornado, id 
> love to see my sites used to represent the industry

On Aug 6, 2017 9:13 AM, "Matt Hoppes" <> wrote:

  Would it be wrong for me to put towers from another WISP on my website?

  Seems like you should sell your own dog food. 

  On Aug 6, 2017, at 10:08 AM, Chuck McCown <> wrote:

    Marketing – always a question of how far do you stretch the truth.
    How many products have been announced with an artists conception or 
rendering of the product as they hope it to be...

    Our community is just particularly sensitive due to the fact the almost all 
of us have run lotsa CAT5 and fiber in equipment rooms.  
    I liked Forrest’s analogy of hotels.  

    We all own hotels, and someone puts up a photo showing they have a very 
nice pool, but we know the pool is not in at their hotel yet.  So some of us 
point that out.

    Real estate developers always have artists renderings that they use to 
pre-sell.  An IX could be thought of as a multi tenant dwelling.  OK, so they 
plan on putting dishwashers in all the units, just not done yet.  

    From: Paul Stewart 
    Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2017 5:56 AM
    To: Animal Farm 
    Subject: Re: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX

    I believe the issue is that the picture may not represent the actual IX in 
question (or MMR of the building where the IX is located might be more 
accurate).  Basically, and pardon me possibly putting words in some people’s 
mouthes here, when a group of people put a lot of work into something and then 
a picture of that work is used elsewhere to possibly resemble where a potential 
employee would work then it’s just misleading and could be considered offensive 
to the people who did all the work originally ….. make sense? 

    You’ll notice my choice of words here because I’m making assumptions about 
why the folks involved are upset and try to put myself in their shoes, at which 
point, if I have all my facts straight, I would be quite upset as well because 
it would look like someone else is taking complete credit for someone else’s 
work …. In the world of IX’s (something I do know a lot about) there is often 
people who don’t get pay checks as they volunteer however they get the rewards 
to contributing towards a great thing for the community … if you haven’t been 
involved at that level you may not understand anything I’m suggesting here ….


      On Aug 5, 2017, at 8:42 PM, Mitch Koep <> wrote:



      Why are you so upset?

      Did you have a bad dealing with someone and this is get back at them time?

      I agree with Faisal it's a picture


      On 8/5/2017 11:29 AM, Faisal Imtiaz wrote:

        Share with you a related story....

        I was in a Conf. room of one of our Colo Facilities Providers, they had 
some pictures on their Conf. Room wall, which all were nice.. but there was one 
picture that caught eye and appeared to be very familiar.. it was a picture of 
cluster of antennas mounted on the roof of that facility...

        Upon a closer look, I recognized that that cluster was our antennas ! 
... so instantly two emotions came to mind... one was .. Hey that is a nice 
picture ! I know to whom that stuff belongs to !... and the second... How dare 
you take pictures of my equipment and hang it your conf. room (we don't buy 
roof access from them)  !...

        To me personally, the former feeling overcame the latter reaction... 
and I actually felt proud of our little Cluster that someone viewed presentable 
enough to put in their conf. room.

        Having said that.. if you are not the copyright owner of the photo.. 
then why does it bother you at all ? Hopefully you should feel proud that 
picture of an actual facility you know is being liked by others and being 
promoted on the net... 

        and that is IMHO !

        Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and your mileage may 
vary !.


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          From: "Eric Kuhnke"
          Sent: Friday, August 4, 2017 7:38:33 PM
          Subject: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX

          I am not the copyright owner of the photo in question. This is only a 

          Please stop using the photo of the Westin Building 1901 fiber meet-me 
room to advertise the Missouri IX. 

          Property owners and ISPs in the Pacific Northwest have spent a great 
deal of time, money and effort building traffic exchange infrastructure.

          In my opinion is not an accurate or factual depiction of whatever 
facilities may currently exist in Missouri to use a photograph from a carrier 
hotel in downtown Seattle.


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