> I'm not sure IX employees ever really work in the MMR, rarely in the data 
> center at all. Once a month? Once every other month?

Depends on the IX (as I get off topic here) … some of them are daily in MMR’s.  
As for DC’s themselves, I can speak personally about one IX in particular where 
it’s 2-3 times a week I’d estimate and another one that is manned within the DC 
>  An MMR not maintained by volunteers, but the paid building management. No 
> one's volunteered blood, sweat and tears went into it. Someone paid to do it 
> was.
True … but lots of volunteers from IX’s sometimes have access to the MMR’s to 
do their work. It varies of course… quite a number of IX’s use colo providers 
whom are paid to do that MMR work but that’s not alway the case ….

Anyways - moot points here and I’m dropping from the conversation as probably 
not helping here :)  

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> Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2017 6:56:15 AM
> Subject: Re: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX
> I believe the issue is that the picture may not represent the actual IX in 
> question (or MMR of the building where the IX is located might be more 
> accurate).  Basically, and pardon me possibly putting words in some people’s 
> mouthes here, when a group of people put a lot of work into something and 
> then a picture of that work is used elsewhere to possibly resemble where a 
> potential employee would work then it’s just misleading and could be 
> considered offensive to the people who did all the work originally ….. make 
> sense?
> You’ll notice my choice of words here because I’m making assumptions about 
> why the folks involved are upset and try to put myself in their shoes, at 
> which point, if I have all my facts straight, I would be quite upset as well 
> because it would look like someone else is taking complete credit for someone 
> else’s work …. In the world of IX’s (something I do know a lot about) there 
> is often people who don’t get pay checks as they volunteer however they get 
> the rewards to contributing towards a great thing for the community … if you 
> haven’t been involved at that level you may not understand anything I’m 
> suggesting here ….
> Paul
> On Aug 5, 2017, at 8:42 PM, Mitch Koep <af...@abwisp.com 
> <mailto:af...@abwisp.com>> wrote:
> Question??
> Eric
> Why are you so upset?
> Did you have a bad dealing with someone and this is get back at them time?
> I agree with Faisal it's a picture
> Mitch
> On 8/5/2017 11:29 AM, Faisal Imtiaz wrote:
> Share with you a related story....
> I was in a Conf. room of one of our Colo Facilities Providers, they had some 
> pictures on their Conf. Room wall, which all were nice.. but there was one 
> picture that caught eye and appeared to be very familiar.. it was a picture 
> of cluster of antennas mounted on the roof of that facility...
> Upon a closer look, I recognized that that cluster was our antennas ! ... so 
> instantly two emotions came to mind... one was .. Hey that is a nice picture 
> ! I know to whom that stuff belongs to !... and the second... How dare you 
> take pictures of my equipment and hang it your conf. room (we don't buy roof 
> access from them)  !...
> To me personally, the former feeling overcame the latter reaction... and I 
> actually felt proud of our little Cluster that someone viewed presentable 
> enough to put in their conf. room.
> Having said that.. if you are not the copyright owner of the photo.. then why 
> does it bother you at all ? Hopefully you should feel proud that picture of 
> an actual facility you know is being liked by others and being promoted on 
> the net... 
> and that is IMHO !
> Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and your mileage may vary !.
> :)
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> Sent: Friday, August 4, 2017 7:38:33 PM
> Subject: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX
> I am not the copyright owner of the photo in question. This is only a 
> request. 
> Please stop using the photo of the Westin Building 1901 fiber meet-me room to 
> advertise the Missouri IX. 
> Property owners and ISPs in the Pacific Northwest have spent a great deal of 
> time, money and effort building traffic exchange infrastructure.
> In my opinion is not an accurate or factual depiction of whatever facilities 
> may currently exist in Missouri to use a photograph from a carrier hotel in 
> downtown Seattle.
> <image.png>

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