It is amazing how a collection of subject matter experts can strain at gnats.  

I am just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to my area of special concern. 
 Part 15 antenna certification requirements etc.  

Time to listen to this again:

From: Mike Hammett 
Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2017 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX

I suppose also different if I operated a datacenter, MMR, etc. I sell an IX, 
not an MMR.

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From: "Faisal Imtiaz" <>
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Subject: Re: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX

Sure, if you were actually paying for the room to stay in, then you should 
expect the room to look like the picture..

However we sell "fluff" (nothing physical) and "electrons moving over cables 
creating emotions".. you are not likely to  get to touch, feel, smell or even 
step into the Colo Room as a subscriber to the IX.... there is no claim being 
made by Midwest IX that this Colo Room is theirs ... 

Folks have stock pictures of People on their web site... Should we now argue 
that it should be pictures of their actual Employees ?  
We have stock pictures of Equipment in a Colo, Racks / cabinets etc etc .. 
Should they be of the ones that we Own or Rent ? 
We have stock pictures of Towers and radios etc etc .. Should they be ours all 
the time ? 

Common.. this is 'meaningless conversation'...

Bit of advice to Eric.... before issuing a condescending remark or a demand 
notice  to others on a public list, especially when there is no direct personal 
vested interest, it would be best to ask the question rather than issuing a 
demand notice....

This conversation would have gone totally different if it was asked... " Hey 
you all @ Midwest IXP, why are you using the Picture of Westin Bldg Meet Me 
room" on your website ? 



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  Subject: Re: [AFMUG] Matt Hoppes and Missouri IX

  Let me see if I can add some sanity to this discussion:

  Eric seems put out not because of the use of the picture itself, but instead 
because a site for one internet exchange is using a picture for a different 
internet exchange.   
  The other side of the discussion is that it is a stock photo of an internet 
exchange meet-me room, and it is perfectly legitimate to use that picture.

  I look at this a lot like the photos on a hotel site.  When you're looking at 
a site for a hotel, you'd expect all of the photos to be of that hotel.  Yet, 
it is amazing how often I come across stock pictures used.   Yes, it might be a 
picture of a particular brand of hotel, but sometimes it's just a 
representative picture, not a picture of the exact hotel.  

  For example, compare the photos at:


  I've seen uses where the actual rooms aren't even close to the website 
photos.      Personally this kinda pisses me off, as if you're showing photos 
of somewhere I'm going to stay or rent (or use for interconnect purposes) I'd 
really prefer them to be actually of the place.  On the other hand, this seems 
to be widespread enough that it's pretty much an accepted practice at this 
point, so perhaps I'm in the minority with this opinion.

  Personally, I'd probably try very hard to ensure that I had pictures up on 
the website which were of the facility I was promoting.   

  On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 5:38 PM, Eric Kuhnke <> wrote:

    I am not the copyright owner of the photo in question. This is only a 

    Please stop using the photo of the Westin Building 1901 fiber meet-me room 
to advertise the Missouri IX. 

    Property owners and ISPs in the Pacific Northwest have spent a great deal 
of time, money and effort building traffic exchange infrastructure.

    In my opinion is not an accurate or factual depiction of whatever 
facilities may currently exist in Missouri to use a photograph from a carrier 
hotel in downtown Seattle.


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