450 still does a few things that ePMP doesn't.
Plus there's that 14 chain MU-MIMO thing......ePMP will probably never have something like that.
UI is still sluggish on ePMP.

On the other hand ePMP has gotten so many feature improvements over these past few years that it's gotten really hard to argue with the value it provides.

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The UI server was probably the worst I have ever seen.

So, less than 25 subs per site, what speed packages do you sell to those 25?

Packetflux GPS sync.

From:Joe Novak
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What didn't you like about it? The interface came a long way since the early days of EPMP. We've got quite a bit deployed. A lot of people are having weird GPS situations come up with the on-board GPS, we have this problem once in a while too. Our packetflux sites are rock solid though. That is assuming density isn't more then 25 per AP, because then I don't exactly have enough experience with it. Most of our APs are sitting right around 25 customers, and according to airtime we still have quite a bit of room.

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 6:09 PM, Jaime Solorza <losguyswirel...@gmail.com> wrote:
I separated frequencies to three I found cleanest on AFx5s...On Rockets and Powerbeams I choose one frequency and shut off the rest on APs and on PowerBeams I only use two...this method has worked well since August of 2017 when I replaced all the radios on this network and have had to change them since. Two of the WISPs live in Fabens and work with us on issues. The other one from El Paso uses my services once in a while and works with us as well. Texas Gas put up allot of 5GHz units around Fabens but still no issues. I used larger dishes at Wells and lift stations as well.

Jaime Solorza

On Feb 12, 2018 4:50 PM, "Jaime Solorza" <losguyswirel...@gmail.com> wrote:
Two AF5x on same tower, One AP on second tower 20 ft away...all other radios within 4 mile radius...

Jaime Solorza

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All on the same tower, right?

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Yes..I have two AF5X links as PTP and 25 radios all in 5 GHz off 4 APs in Fabens, Texas sharing spectrum with 3 WISPs...no issues...

Jaime Solorza

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Talking to a friend that wants to build a small wisp. He is about 5.5 miles from a backbone connection. I would suggest AF5X to him but he is gonna want to use 5 GHz for his wisp I presume.

Can an AF5X and some 5 GHz cambium (or others) access points peacefully coexist on a tower? Very rural area. Not expecting much interference other than home routers.

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