I have made that exact argument, to which they say "those are the rules".  

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Unless you're getting a short wave most long-distance layer2 connections are 
going to be MPLS over layer3 anyways.  So how's that different than a VPN or 
GRE tunnel?


On 2/23/2018 3:56 PM, ch...@wbmfg.com wrote:
> That is not by choice.  The content providers all have a different 
> tolerance as to how their product is piped around.  RealChoice could 
> drop it and probably ship the product over the public internet and 
> never get caught, however they risk losing channels if they ever get 
> caught.
> Not sure what their current deal is, when I was working with them I 
> was trying to get the programmers to allow content via VPN or VLAN 
> over VPN (silly, right)  over the public internet.  Some of them were 
> OK with it.
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> RealChoice would be a great option if they would drop their private 
> line requirement.
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>> Hi,
>> I wanted to see if any of you are offering IPTV to your customers. If 
>> so, are any of you using either RodeoTV or RealChoice TV as the 
>> wholesale provider? Can any of you provide feedback, thoughts, 
>> experiences, etc. on either provider?
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