Unless you're getting a short wave most long-distance layer2 connections are going to be MPLS over layer3 anyways.  So how's that different than a VPN or GRE tunnel?


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That is not by choice.  The content providers all have a different tolerance as to how their product is piped around.  RealChoice could drop it and probably ship the product over the public internet and never get caught, however they risk losing channels if they ever get caught.

Not sure what their current deal is, when I was working with them I was trying to get the programmers to allow content via VPN or VLAN over VPN (silly, right)  over the public internet.  Some of them were OK with it.

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RealChoice would be a great option if they would drop their private line requirement.

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I wanted to see if any of you are offering IPTV to your customers. If so, are any of you using either RodeoTV or RealChoice TV as the wholesale provider? Can any of you provide feedback, thoughts, experiences, etc. on either provider?

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