Fermi's Paradox ...

Once upon a time, a 10 year old child became addicted to Super Mario Land.
He played so much that he forgot that he was a child among millions of
other children and kept asking himself "Where are all the other Marios?
There must be many more Marios? I will call this Fermi's Paradox!"

Already today thousands of advanced meditators will tell you that Fermi's
Paradox is only a paradox as long as you don't realize that your
consciousness is focusing on one particular and very narrow experience
(called a human being) when your consciousness is capable of communicating
with gazillions of other entities from outside this physical realm/plane

When you attend a LAN-Party and play World of Warcraft and only find 5 of
the 5000 LAN-Party participants in the game then clearly you realize that
you are looking in the wrong spot and you shift your attention "outwards"
and out of a subset of reality into a broader set of reality.

An advanced civilization will probably cease to use manifested avatars on
the physical plane once it has overcome the tendency to identify with
narrow experiences. Just as children tend to overcome the tendency to
identify with a narrow experience in the form of a computer game. The
answer to Fermi's paradox lies in the words of Buddha, Jesus and all the
other liberated/enlightened beings ... it lies in the realization that our
physical reality is just an illusion within the field of consciousness ...
it's a mix of John Smarts "transcension hypothesis" and in some sense
Bostrom's work ... in so far that our perceived physical virtual reality is
just a very tiny subset of a much larger reality.

Physical death as well as spiritual enlightenment are singular processes
decoupling your consciousness from one particular experience (from
identifying with one human being) and they will introduce you to said much
broader reality in which there exists no Fermi's paradox.

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> The idea has interesting implications for the Fermi Paradox, both in terms
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> development of advanced intelligent civilizations and their potential
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