The download pages for InguzEQ and InguzDSP are still there, but there
aren't any links to them from the front page.


BUT, the installation instruction pages are not accessible. This is a
major problem as the installation procedure is critical.

A few years ago I successfully installed Inguz on both a Windows 7 PC
and on Ubuntu Server

I made my own copy of Hugh Pyle's instructions for installation on
linux. The instructions were slightly out of date, so I amended my copy
as I installed Inguz on Ubuntu.

As I remember the Windows installation instructions were much simpler,
though by no means obvious. (I think I can remember them well enough to
install Inguz on Windows).

By the way, an earlier post suggests that there is a need of a revised to make Inguz work. That was the case at one time but the
installation files I downloaded worked fine without any tweaks. I think
Hugh Pyle had updated to deal with the Perl code that had been

There are a few issues with Inguz - most of which have a work-around -
but I won't go into that now (probably too much information).

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