This is a copy of the InguzEQ that I edited. Details of the
edit are documented in the file, just after the original version
history, though, of course, the line number of the edit will now have
changed because of the lines I added to describe what I did.

There are absolutely no guarantees that my edit is correct or
successful, but it doesn't throw up any errors on my Ubuntu system and
it seems to work OK.

I've had a quick look at the file that you uploaded. The
installation directories shown in setup files are different from those
used in the Debian (or Ubuntu) installation - possibly because you are
using Fedora(?).

The Inguz in your zip file seems to be the last one that Hugh
Pyle issued and is the one that I have successfully used in Ubuntu 14.04
(which uses Perl 5.18) and then edited to amend the deprecated code.

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