John and Bob
A little more digging around and I found an original Vortexbox script to
setup Inguz (setup-Inguz master), and a much modified script that I used
(setup-Inguz). These can be inspected using Wordpad on a windows box.
Also I found clean  Inguz install files.

The previous files I uploaded contained a couple of Inguz filters that I
used, including one called Transistor Radio which when selected made my
Klipschorns sound like a tinny little radio - just to prove that Inguz
was working.

I recall that to get the web interface for Inguz working a later version
of Silverlight was needed, but OrangeSqueeze on Android could build
filters and save them.

When Inguz first came out it would use 50% of CPU power on a single core
Athlon 64, but these days it uses just a few % of one core on a

John, I'll try to make the change to the .pm file, but if you could
attach a copy of the working one it would be much appreciated.

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