No luck getting Inguz going on Vortexbox 2.4 running on Fedora 23.
Server log
[17-08-09 12:51:52.5694] Slim::bootstrap::tryModuleLoad (286) Warning:
Module [Plugins::InguzEQ::Plugin] failed to load:
Can't locate object method "looppackage" via package
"Plugins::InguzEQ::Plugin" (perhaps you forgot to load
"Plugins::InguzEQ::Plugin"?) at
/usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Plugins/InguzEQ/ line 1.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 900) line 1.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 900) line 1.

/usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Plugins/InguzEQ/ is no longer used, the
plugin is at /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/Plugins/InguzEQ but with my
limited knowledge of Linux I don't know where this is set.

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