Sure, I'll do that - but first I need to hunt out my notes and make sure
that they make sense (you know how it is when you write notes for your
own benefit). It will take a day or so.

Are you hoping to use it for DRC or for Equalization? (I use it for DRC
and have only used the Equalization to test things are working.)

There are a few things worth pointing out:

- The InguzEQ uses a deprecated expression at one point and
that will probably cause fatal error *_if_* you are using Perl 5.22 or
higher. It only gives a warning on earlier versions of Perl (I am using
Perl 5.18 and it works "as is"). The correction is quite simple (fingers
crossed) - see my post on the subject.

- If you are using the Web Interface on a PC, the Inguz control panel
doesn't work in Firefox but is fine in IE. I use iPeng on an iPad to
control Inguz, and that works reasonably OK. So, I'm not sure how things
will appear with any particular browser on your Ubuntu machine. (As my
Ubuntu server is headless, on the rare occasions I need to use the Web
Interface I use IE on my Windows PC to access the Ubuntu LMS.)

- You might want to edit the Inguz custom-convert.conf file at some
point, say to add a mp4 section or to correct the outdated ALAC section,

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