JohnB wrote: 
> Sure, I'll do that - but first I need to hunt out my notes and make sure
> that they make sense (you know how it is when you write notes for your
> own benefit). It will take a day or so. 

Thank you. No problem about how long it takes. 

> Are you hoping to use it for DRC or for Equalization? (I use it for DRC
> and have only used the Equalization to test things are working.)

I intend to try using Inguz for DRC and equalisation if I can get it to

> There are a few things worth pointing out:
> - I see from your signature that you are using Ubuntu 16.04. My
> understanding is that this uses Perl 5.22. The InguzEQ uses a
> deprecated expression at one point and that will probably cause fatal
> error with Perl 5.22 or higher. It only gives a warning on earlier
> versions of Perl (I am using Perl 5.18 and it works "as is"). The
> correction is quite simple (fingers crossed) - see my recent post on the
> subject in the Developers section of the forum. (No, I am certainly not
> a developer!)

Yes, with this version of Ubuntu Perl 5.22 is used. I'll take a look in
the developers forum now to see what needs changing.

> - If you are using the Web Interface on a PC, the Inguz control panel
> doesn't work in Firefox but is fine in IE. I use iPeng on an iPad to
> control Inguz, and that works reasonably OK. So, I'm not sure how things
> will appear with any particular browser on your Ubuntu machine. (As my
> Ubuntu server is headless, on the rare occasions I need to use the Web
> Interface I use IE on my Windows PC to access the Ubuntu LMS.)

I generally use Chrome or Safari but I'll try out IE if neither of those

> - You might want to edit the Inguz custom-convert.conf file at some
> point, say to add a mp4 section or to correct the outdated ALAC section,
> etc.

I mostly use flac and occasionally mp3 but I'll keep this in mind.

Thank you for replying and your time in looking out your notes. It's
much appreciated.


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