I wrote, on 13 Apr 2018:
> Note that whilst extra text is not *needed* regarding quoting inside
> bracket expressions, I would have no objection to some sort of explanatory
> note being added to lessen the chances that readers fail to realise that
> the quoting rules still apply inside bracket expressions.

I have spotted one problematic piece of text where such a note would be
beneficial.  It's in XBD 9.3.5 item 1:

    The special characters '.', '*', '[', and '\\' (<period>,
    <asterisk>, <left-square-bracket>, and <backslash>, respectively)
    shall lose their special meaning within a bracket expression.

In the case of <backslash>, this does not make clear that it is only
referring to the RE-and-shell-pattern-matching special meaning of
<backslash> and does not affect its shell-quoting special meaning.
I will file a separate bug report for this.

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