I've been using BaseX to query an XML file in version 7.3.1 and it
worked well. However, because of this problem
and I was suggested to use version 8.6.7 then I changed to use this
version in a Java Web application which queries the old BaseX files from
version 7.3.1.

However, I didn't know that this version changes created a very surprise
result between version 7.3.1 and 8.6.7 (i.e: data is missing in version
8.6.7 from output result !!!).

Could someone tell me why it happens and how to use BaseX version 8.6.7
on BaseX database from version 7.3.1.

Here is the difference between 2 outputs on same old BaseX database
version 7.3.1 (left: 8.6.7, right: 7.3.1) with same XQuery:

The XQuery is:

 declare namespace gml = "http://www.opengis.net/gml/3.2";;
 declare function local:get-children() {
 let $x := collection('userdb')//gml:identifier/text()
      if (exists($x)) then
           for $i in $x
                return $i
      else <empty/>

  let $x := distinct-values(local:get-children())
  for $i in $x return $i


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