Dear members of the BBB community,

I flashed the linux disk image (which I downloaded as .img.xz and extracted 
using 7zip to .img) to a microSD card of SanDisk 16GB Class 4, using Win32 
Disk Imager. 

After flashing the image, I got the following partitions in the uSD (which 
I checked using Windows 8.1 Disk Management Utility)
1. 128 MB FAT Healthy Primary Partition
2. 6.71 GB Linux Partition - Healthy Primary Partition
3. 8.00 GB Unallocated

I inserted the uSD to the powered off BBB, and then after pressing the S2 
button, powered the BBB using USB power from my PC.
Even after several minutes (prob. 5 mins), of holding the S2 button, the 
only LED glowing was PWR LED. 
None of the USER LEDS were glowing. 

I removed the uSD card and powered the BBB again (without holding the S2 
button) and everything ran fine. 

Please help me run the linux image on the BBB. 

Thank you,

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