i'll clarify what i am looking for.

The newest images available that everything says to update to, doesn't 
appear to export the pins to the /ocp directory. As such, even the example 
code supplied doesn't work. config-pin doesn't work because it looks in the 
/ocr directory for *pinmux folders so it can do things. these don't exist 
in the 9.x versions. all of the information on making capes refers to a 
device tree/cape-manager that doesn't appear to exist as a result of 
updates going down the line. i've tried various overlays loading them, and 
yet, nothing appears in the /ocr directory. using the 
RoboticsCape-00A0.dtbo as an overlay actually breaks the OS and makes it 
unable to load at all. it literally get's stuck with all 4 of the user 
lights being stuck on. 

Since adafruit_bbio, libroboticscape rcpy etc all rely on them to be there, 
and since they aren't, nothing works with the updated images. i've google 
searched my eyes out, and all of the guides, information, etc, all appear 
to be non-functional due to kernel upgrades and changes in how everything 
is handled with regards to capes, slots, and overlays. I am hoping for a 
solution that would allow me to use the fixes in code or updated python 
libraries i'm more comfortable with than having to look instead to learning 
to write in another programming language and then rewriting/correcting the 
issues with the existing example code to simply make it work.

This isn't meant to be a slight to anyone, as i appreciate the project and 
the authors. I'm just frustrated to find that for the most part, this board 
feels like it's been left left in the dust as the rest of the beaglebone 
product line moves forward despite it's amazing capabilities. Given it's a 
Black with the capabilties of the robotics cape integrated into it, I 
figured it would have been easier than this. As i said before, that may be 
my fault for expecting the ease of use i've come to know with the Raspberry 
Pi and similiar other single board computers.

On Friday, March 9, 2018 at 9:27:23 PM UTC-5, Drew Viersen wrote:
> Having the hardest time with my beaglebone blue. first and foremost, i 
> followed the instructions after firing the unit up the first time, and 
> flashed the latest image. Since then, all i can attribute that to is lack 
> of knowledge on my part.I purchased this board because it had the built in 
> functionality of pwms, motor drivers, servo drivers and 2s Lipo charging 
> etc. 
> At this point i am looking for a stable, functional image that will work 
> with Python, and if possible node red. I have no history or knowledge of 
> javascript or C++, so i am trying to work my way up starting here, and 
> teach my kids the fun tht can be had. As I am finding though, there isn't 
> an overlay set up for the Blue, most of the pins aren't exported, and as 
> such, rcpy doesn't want to work correctly. Even running the basic included 
> functions yields issues like this:
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:H18_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:C18_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_22_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_21_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_26_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_24_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_30_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_29_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> can't open: /sys/devices/platform/ocp/ocp:P9_31_pinmux/state
> Pinmux: No such file or directory
> WARNING: missing PINMUX driver
> You probbaly just need a newer kernel
> ERROR: export failed for hrpwm1 channel A
> ERROR: failed to initialize hrpwm1
> WARNING: Failed to initialize motors
> ERROR: pru-rproc driver missing
> this of course persists across all of the included examples. and as such, 
> i can't even get the motors to operate. Blinking the LED's is only useful 
> to a point.
> i'm running the 4.9 kernel that came with the 2018-03-05 image. If there's 
> a functioning image i should be using that's up to date enough i'd be happy 
> to reflash. at this point, i'm looking for something that just works and 
> allows all of the functions and pins the board has to work correctly. I've 
> been advised i can manually set pins with sudo and and use other libraries. 
> If i'm expecting too much, and there are some good resources i should look 
> at to make this work correctly i'd be happy to delve deeper. im not afraid 
> to learn, but i am afraid i wasted $80 on a board that did work 12 months 
> ago, and got left behind as the rest of the world updated.
> Any pointers, educational resources, or even projects would be 
> appreciated, as my children may find these interesting as well.

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