On 04/06/14 16:23, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> rhubarbpie...@gmail.com wrote:
>> BASH=/bin/sh
> This appears to be your problem.  It should be /bin/bash.
> Your password file should be:
> <usr>:x:<uid>:<gid>::/home/<usr>:/bin/bash
> Bash changes behavior if started with the sh name.
>     -- Bruce
My /etc/passwd entries contain only /bin/bash.

Again, I'm OK with using rxvt.  I was looking to experiment with other 
terminal emulators anyway.  Perhaps this will work itself out with the 
next release.  I tried the newest kernel yesterday and again got a blank 
screen.  I can't remember a problem with xterm or a blank screen on 
boot, but it's not as if I'm dead in the water as I have easy 
workarounds for both.  I'm up-and-running on 7.5.

If you're still interested in the problem out of curiosity, I admire 
that and you're the better man.  I'll gladly continue testing, but I 
certainly don't expect you to spend more of your time on this.  I've 
been well served by you and everyone on the board with this problem.

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