It's rather strange now, I updated to b99, and rebooted. There was some 
strangeness with the network taking some time to come up, it seems, but it's 
fine now.

I added an idmap mapping to "Administrator" (there are now two entries, for 
victorhooi and Administrator on the Windows side).

I can't seem to access the CIFS share from the Windows system, though. In the 
event viewer, for Folder redirection, it says "The specified network password 
is not correct".

Logged in as "victorhooi" under Windows, trying to open 
\\osol-minotaur\rpool_test brings up a username/password prompt. Using my own 
username and password doesn't work, nor does "victorh" and its password.

Also, on boot, there's a message about the "ADS server is either not found or 

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