Thanks for the quick reply.

I did initially attach the actual cifs-gendiag script accidentally, but I 
thought I had replaced it with the correct gendiag.output within a minute or 
so? (Of course, you might have been quick enough to see it before I fixed

The time-of-day chip unresponsive message I have seen before, I assumed it was 
something about VMWare and OpenSolaris (I'm running this under VMWare ESX 3.5).

The brokenedness of the system is a bit worrying, it is (or was meant to be a 
fairly clean install), the only major changes after the install being trying to 
join the domain, and upgrading to the latest image a few days ago. However, 
either the update or I may have inadvertedly broken something, I might try a 
fresh install again, and give it another shot - this is off-topic, but is there 
any word on when there will be another osol-2008.11 ISO out? (I have b99).

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