wright: Also, in reply to Wright, that was the strange this. Previously, the 
only mapping I had was victorhooi (windows) -> victorh (unix), however, the 
domain Administrator and another user was able to open the share 
(\\osol-minotaur\rpool_test), seemingly without having to enter anything.

After the update to b99, however, it seems broken, as it's now asking for 
username/password for all  users, and it doesn't seem to take either the 
Windows or the Solaris usernames and passwords.

Also, idmap show-c returns

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/rpool/test# idmap show -c winuser:victorhooi
winuser:victorhooi -> uid:60001
Error: interntal error.

I'm not sure if that means anything. However, I don't think it's right, 60001 
is nobody, right?

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