Thanks for the responses.

> ask your distribution or use one with no broken repos

This distro worked fine with Clam before I had a video driver problem.
Restoring from image should have taken me back to safe ground, but for
some reason it hasn't. I can ask at the distro, but I don't readily
see how any lack in their repo caused this.

> Try the below steps and let me know how it goes.

> wget
> sudo cp main.cvd /var/lib/clamav
> wget
> sudo cp daily.cvd /var/lib/clamav

> restart the freshclam
> restart the clamd

I don't use clamd, and I didn't restart freshclam, but it seems like
this worked! I did a couple of command line scans, and I used clamtk
via the file manager, and all seems well. Awesome!

Thanks much!
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