Am 02.02.2018 um 22:14 schrieb Paul B.:
Ok, thanks. I did the Synaptic uninstall, and it did break the manual
install. I've asked over at MX Linux and will see if they have any
WTF - and *that* is the reason that you either use packages or handbuilt stuff and even if you build from sources you should lern how to wrap it in packages

how do you imagine the package management to know anything about "the manual install" - it's a database which keeps track about installed files, folders and permissions and if you collide with manual stuff and package files you are asking for troubles from the very begin

to say it clear:

when ever you decide to switch from packages to self compiled or in the other direction you have first to cleanup and remove any existing fragment

and that's why when you have problems with distribution packages the upstream mailing list and manual magngle around instead consult your distribution channels is wrong
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