19.07.2019 20:14, Sebastian Harl пишет:

What do you think is missing to make this a more compelling and
impactful proposal rather than just a "patch"?

Case 1:
I found a bug in 'virt' plugin, https://github.com/collectd/collectd/issues/3009

You try to implement feature named "code owner".
As per 'CODEOWNERS' file, @anaudx and @rjablonx are responsible persons about 'virt' plugin. As codeowners, they must solve the problem? Or not? How much time do they have?
What is the penalty for breaking the deadlines?

Case 2:


Some guys wrote their code and publish PR.
You try to implement feature named "code owner".
With new 'CODEOWNERS' policy, they could merge it w/o outside review.

Please look, how much code was revorked after my review.
Unfortunately, IIRC, not all nits was fixed.

Do you really think you will get better code when these guys will simply merge code w/o any outside review?

Case 3:

Maintainer merged #3072 . This action breaks CI in master branch.

Who is responsible on recovering CI checks on master branch?
What actions should be taken and by whom?

Case 4:

CI checks continuously fails on clang-format.
For some unknown reason, rules of checking was changed and previously-formatted files needs to be reformatted again.

Who is responsible on resolving this clang-format check bug?
Don't say me "code needs to be re-formatted again", that is wrong.

Case 5:

CI checks continuously hangs.

Latest example https://github.com/collectd/collectd/pull/3207 with developer comment.

Who is responsible on resolving this issue?


But you, of course, can continue work on your comfortable Google-Docs documents instead of returning to earth.

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