Greg Stein wrote: ...
   The HTTPD PMC never consults any "Bylaws". We don't really have
   them. We simply use the standard ASF voting rules used on any dev
   list. We know how to build consensus and we operate that way. There
   are *very* few cases where we call a vote to *force* a direction.
   Votes are used to examine whether consensus is present, rather than
   to make a decision. We had a long discussion on the PMC a few weeks
   ago where we stopped and called a vote. But that was mostly to try
   and figure out what the various opinions were -- to clarify things.
   The vote results didn't actually "stick". In the end, the group
   came up with a rough consensus and turned that over to Sander (the
   Chair) to take action with.

   Now, let me contrast that with behavior that I observed in the
   Avalon PMC. On many occasions, there were fractures in the
   consensus, so a vote was used to *force* a decision. "But we voted
   on it" was the refrain. Yah, great. The result wasn't a consensus,
   merely a vote result. With a true consensus, some few will agree to
   abide with the majority opinion. They know they're the odd person
   out, but respect the others and agree to back off. This didn't
   happen often in Avalon; the minority felt pushed around and
   disenfranchised and alienated. Eventually, they just left. The use
   of votes was a mechanism for forcing a direction. All that was
   needed was one more vote than the "other position", and people felt
   they had a mandate. Bleh. They just had a majority vote.


In fact our "voting" doc is called "Consensus Gauging through Voting".

> FWIW, I liked your phrase in another email about renaming the "PMC
> Bylaws" to something like "Standard Operating Rules" or somesuch. Tho
> my personal opinion is to just lose them and have one set of rules for
> all ASF PMCs. We haven't done that in the past because the idea has
> always been to let the PMCs figure out what is best for their
> community, rather than to the Board (i.e. the ASF) mandate a
> particular set of rules.

At Forrest we decided to try and do the above, and David Crossley has been of great help in taking Stefano's and other Apache documents and putting them in a more coherent manner:

(Trying to make these endless clarification and discussion threads into something more constructive)

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