On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> The PMC Chair is an ultimate decision maker

Please check the bylaws for the normal situation.

But -WHEN- things break down, when there is no consensus and there is no
clear ability to reach any conclusion and it is in the interest of the
foundation because damage is done then the board expects the chair to act
as an officer of the foundation and clean things up. Note that at this
point the board has already been made well aware of the sitution and is
actively monitoring the chair.

Note that at -every- step in that process anyone can appeal to the board
to bring things to our attention, to get us to suspend things, replace the
chair, whatever. And you can count on us to act very swiftly and without
hesitation is truly damaging things are happening which affect the ASF as
a whole (say when knowingly shipping code without a license).  However be
warned that in most cases our only options are effectively to suspend the
entire project.

In the Avalon case we did no such drastic things but waited for months
(well years really) for the community to get a grip, consensus.


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