On 22 Dec 2004, at 07:27, Greg Stein wrote:


FWIW, I liked your phrase in another email about renaming the "PMC
Bylaws" to something like "Standard Operating Rules" or somesuch. Tho
my personal opinion is to just lose them and have one set of rules for
all ASF PMCs. We haven't done that in the past because the idea has
always been to let the PMCs figure out what is best for their
community, rather than to the Board (i.e. the ASF) mandate a
particular set of rules.


in addition, i suggest that communities be allowed documented deviations by consensus.

in other words, the standard operating rules are there provided as defaults by the board by not mandated. individual communities with strong opinions or different needs would be allowed to agree and document deviations from them. IMHO this would offer the best of both worlds: new pmc's (or those just trying to discover a good model) would follow the standard operating procedures (by default) whereas any (healthy) pmc's who want to deviate from this model would be allowed to do this provided that these deviations are documented.

- robert

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