On Wednesday 23 July 2008 05:32:34 Stroller wrote:

> After all the efforts that Openmoko have made over being open, I am
> just amazed that design decisions that affect everyone are being made
> in secret.

Check the openmoko-devel/disto-devel archives from back then. Sure the 
decision was made "in private" as someone walked into raster's office and 
discussed this in person. The mailing list thread on the issue and the 
request for me to change Qtopia to send the matchbox hints were done in 

I know that not everyone wants to read the development mailinglists and that 
it is quite hard to keep track with every OM mailinglist (I don't) but on the 
other hand just because I'm unaware of certain threads doesn't make 
things "private".



PS: If you can't find the discussion from back then I can give you a hand to 
search the archives.

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