On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 16:06, Stefan van der Eijk wrote:
> Q: when can we do that? And who will make it happen... There are a lot 
> of bright people on the list that can help to make it happen. How do we 
> first define an architecture for this. Produce a document first?

Well preliminary questions are:

1.  Is there any hope of MandrakeSoft adopting a plan like this?
2.  If so, will they administer it?  In other words, do THEY want to
reorganize into a more community-based distro, or do they want US to
form our own community and then reject it if they don't like it?

Personally I look at it as a chance for Mandrake to reorganize, to see
ways to improve the shortcomings of the distro, to attract more
developers, to keep them longer, and to do things more efficiently.  I
hope nobody sees it as a bunch of renegade wanna-be programmers trying
to steal the distro.  The employees at MandrakeSoft work their asses off
making a good distro.  We want to make their life easier, not put them
out of work, right?


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