Olivier Thauvin wrote:
> What about puting this package on main instead contrib. It seems lot of poeple 
> want or need it:

I would agree, in fact I think it should be rolled into urpmi, and have
an icon in Mandrake Control Center.

Furthermore, I think it might be modified to be able to easily get a
mirror list from MandrakeClub, specifically so that Club Members could
easily setup a urpmi source for MandrakeClub, for things like getting
the NVidia drivers.

Then, if XFdrake/harddrake/drakconnect supported trying to get
NVidia/winmodem etc RPMs from urpmi, it may be possible to support
proprietary hardware without the user ever touching the command line,
and if well advertised in the setup when proprietary hardware is
detected, boost Club memberships.

Of course for non-members, it should be easy enough to select the list
from plf.zarb.org.


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