Narfi Stefansson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Thursday 13 February 2003 05:33, Denis HAVLIK wrote:


> > FYI, "MandrakeFirsttime" will let folks declare that they are
> > Club members and even subscribe directly (trial accounts with
> > boxes) and automatically configure Club downloads in 9.1.
> >
> > cu
> >     Denis
> Then there have to be some changes made to MandrakeFirsttime.
> The way MandrakeFirsttime is right now, it triggers my panic nerves: I see a 
> explanation which is too long to fit on one screenful: "we will not use this 
> data to ... we do use this data for ..." [too long for me to read] 


> bugreports on Mandrakefirsttime in bugzilla,  one for the text and one for 
> the lack of a "share/do not share this info with mandrake" checkbox.

It was fixed now (try latest drakfirsttime/mdkonline).

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