Le Mercredi 12 Février 2003 21:28, Danny Tholen a écrit :
> On Wednesday 12 February 2003 18:34, Chmouel Boudjnah wrote:
> > Olivier Thauvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > What about puting this package on main instead contrib. It seems lot of
> > > poeple want or need it:
> >
> > why is not done in rpmdrake ?
> Do you mean 'why is it not done in rpmdrake'?
> I think it would be a valuable addition to rpmdrake. Or at least to the
> software entry in drakconf. You keep getting people not even understanding
> that they can add mirrors as a source for rpmdrake (typing the exact url is
> apparently to hard).

I done this not only because it is hard to make the exact url (else it is), 
but because it is hard to find the good mirror especially for old distro (7.2 
to 8.2 at time).

You'll see it will be hard to install software on 9.0 when 9.1 will be 
released ! 

> Alternatively, it would be good to be able to click on a webpage, resulting
> in rpmdrake being started, asking you if you want to add this resource for
> downloading software from (sort of urpmi://). It sounds a bit insecure, but
> I'm sure many users are already copying the urpmi.addmedia lines from the
> club or naradon without thinking or knowing what those commands do, so
> automating the whole process with proper warnings would be better.
> d.

Easy urpmi web page and urpmi.setup use same list, in fact I manage source 
list, including macro, a php script take those source and show you the page, 
another build the list for urpmi.setup. Try to make 
lynx --source http://plf.zarb.org/~nanardon/mdkmirror.php |less

No, it is not insecure, since urpmi check rpm signature. I think it is less 
insecure to give url to user than user download RH, pld or Suse rpm and try 
to install it on mandrake. You can't deny to user to download a rpm with 
spyware from attractive site and make urpmi on it.

Who explain to windows user kazaa is dangerous ?

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