I agree with you.
Opening a bug is a good idea. I do not give it much change to be fixed however 


On Thursday 13 February 2003 16:51, Narfi Stefansson wrote:
> On Thursday 13 February 2003 05:33, Denis HAVLIK wrote:
> > On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Buchan Milne wrote:
> >
> > + Furthermore, I think it might be modified to be able to easily get a
> > + mirror list from MandrakeClub, specifically so that Club Members could
> > + easily setup a urpmi source for MandrakeClub, for things like getting
> > + the NVidia drivers.
> >
> > FYI, "MandrakeFirsttime" will let folks declare that they are
> > Club members and even subscribe directly (trial accounts with
> > boxes) and automatically configure Club downloads in 9.1.
> >
> > cu
> >     Denis
> Then there have to be some changes made to MandrakeFirsttime.
> The way MandrakeFirsttime is right now, it triggers my panic nerves: I see
> a explanation which is too long to fit on one screenful: "we will not use
> this data to ... we do use this data for ..." [too long for me to read]
> followed by a request for personal information. I automatically click
> cancel. [More about the text below]
> There are alternative designs: Don't show the screen with the long
> explanations, jump straight to the user setup screen and have a checkbox:
> "Share this data with MandrakeSoft" and a button next to it which brings up
> the explanations of what is involved if one chooses to do the sharing.
> Has anyone here ever read the text? Here's a copy of the first 4 lines as
> they are in 9.0, I believe it is the same in cooker:
> " What personal data do we collect ?
> Various information is collected in different areas of the website;
> what follows is an overview of the data we keep:
> Firstly, we record your email address, name and postal address."
> 1) >>website<<??? This seems completely inappropriate for
> mandrakefirsttime. 2) "we record your ..." and no opt-out? This makes me
> hit cancel right away.
> I suspect the text was simply copied without modifications from
> mandrakeexpert or some other website!
> If anybody replies in support of this usability issue, I'll open a 2
> bugreports on Mandrakefirsttime in bugzilla,  one for the text and one for
> the lack of a "share/do not share this info with mandrake" checkbox.
> Narfi.

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