After reading this, I feel like I missed something in my original post...

Mike Rosing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > And then the whole world dies, because of ...  what?
> Natural stupidity.


Spot on.

> Which is why MAD works.  But a regular bombing run on a few oil refineries
> would put the US in a world of hurt really quickly, enough for them to
> pull a lot of their troops out of places that happen to be too close to
> Russia and China.  Mexico isn't entirely happy with US policy, I'm sure
> they could be bribed into letting the other powers use their air and land
> space for a "limited" attack.  The US won't use nukes to retaliate, which
> was the origin of this line of argument.

...  Mexico's not happy, Canadians are getting pissed because of threatened
boycotts from American companies/PIRs, Europeans are pissed because America
has threatened to boycott perfume and cheese (yes, this is mostly France,
but they /are/ a part of the EU), Iraq is pissed because they just got
invaded, Korea's pissed because the US is jerking them around ...

The list can go on and on.  The US is *not* a popular country right now.
Not only could I see Mexico turning a blind eye, but I can see a large part
of the world taking the same stance.

I agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying.  The US, I'd like to
believe, isn't dumb enough to actually use its nuclear weapons, especially
on its own continent.  Move across the ocean, and I'm less sure of this,

> If Russia, Chaina and the EU really wanted to, they could use conventional
> weapons and force the US to at least retreat from trying to rule the
> world.  An attack on Syria and Saudi Arabia or Iran could provoke it.

I'd rather see the Green party (and Russian) attempts at having George W.
Bush indicted as a War Criminal for this attack on Iraq.  Much more
peaceful, delivers a much stronger message, and rids the guy of his power

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