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So far it would be enough if I have the Gauss point values only at the points rather than having complete field. I like to access these point values of stress and strain tensors in .vtk file or .pvtu file through ParaView (same as I am accessing the results currently). I would be grateful if you or any other user has experience in this regard or know about relevant deal.ii tutorial dealing with same feature.

deal.II has functionality to output data on individual points if that data is associated with particles. I don't know how much work you want to invest in getting this to work for you, but here are two options:

* Easy: Create a ParticleHandler object, loop over all of your quadrature points, and for each quadrature point you create a particle. You can then associate "properties" with each particle, and use Particles::DataOut to output these properties in the same way as you would use DataOut for field data. You can probably figure out how this works by looking at the draft step-19 tutorial program:

* More work, but more elegant: You could write a class, let's say QuadraturePointData::DataOut or something similar, to which you could describe the information of location + values without the detour of particles. I'm sure we'd be happy to walk you through the process of doing so if you wanted to go for that, and it would be a very nice addition to deal.II if you wanted to get it merged.


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