On 7/30/20 5:26 PM, Muhammad Mashhood wrote:

_But it gives the following error on running:_

/An error occurred in line <298> of file </home/muhammad/software/dealii-9.2.0/source/particles/particle.cc> in function     void dealii::Particles::Particle<dim, spacedim>::set_properties(const dealii::ArrayView<const double>&) [with int dim = 3; int spacedim = 3]
The violated condition was:
     property_pool != nullptr
Additional information:

I explored the mailing list and found someone from the community already had similar problem of assigning the properties to the particles where it was suggested to use following way of assigning the properties:

I believe that this is a bug that I fixed a while back:
Unfortunately, this happened after the 9.2 release. Are you in a position to work with the current development sources?

If this doesn't solve the problem, can you come up with a simplified piece of code that illustrates the issue?


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