Thanks for the guidance. I tried replacing the " source/particles/ <>" file with the one present in "";. Also include/deal.II/particles/particle_accessor.h <> and source/particles/ <> from "";. Then compiled again my deal.ii 9.2.0 but it gives error during compilation.

Yes -- we put about 10 changes every day into deal.II. You can't just replace individual files in 9.2 with the current development sources :-)

Therefore as a second option, I have created a simplified code which represents my problem. Kindly receive the files attached. Looking forward for your guiding response!

The code in question looks like this:

  Particles::Particle<dim> new_particle;
  mapping.transform_real_to_unit_cell(cell, location));

  SymmetricTensor<2, dim> strain;                             strain = 0;

  particle_handler.insert_particle(new_particle, cell);

It is correct that set_properties() throws an exception here, because there really is no property pool associated with this particle. If you write it like this:

  auto inserted_particle
    = particle_handler.insert_particle(new_particle, cell);

then things will work if you also change the number of properties stored by the ParticleHandler object to dim*(dim+1)/2=6 (it is currently 'dim').


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