People tried to hush up the outreachy issue but it is now time before Debian 
wastes more money in another foolish round.

We have a woman in Outreachy who already did a lot for Debian, doing the Debian 
booth at FOSDEM 2018, organising a miniDebConf in Tirana 2018 and organizing 
Balkans biggest event, OSCAL, five years in a row.  The woman is a founder of 
the group behind OSCAL, Open Labs.

We were told Outreachy money is being spent to attract women to free software 
but here we have a woman who was already heavily involved for years.  She came 
to DebConf19 in Brazil and immediately after she is awarded an Outreachy.  
Other women wonder if there is favouritism, so they should.

What a scandal, a woman with this level of commitment is relegated to the 
sub-standard employment terms of an outreachy contract and nobody gave her a 
real job.

How many outreachy women continue to do stuff as volunteers, the Debian way, 
after Outreachy? None.

How many ever made a package?

How many support their work after outreachy?

We fully support spending money on diversity but not with results like these.  
Sever ties with outreachy and find another way to spend the outreachy money in 

Long live diversity!

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