On 22.02.20 10:15, Ulrike Uhlig wrote:

On 21.02.20 17:09, Ken Starr wrote:

Debian spends $25,000 every year on just four women
This is entirely wrong as far as I can tell:

Outreachy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit under their parent organization,
Software Freedom Conservancy. Outreachy internship stipends, travel
fund, and program costs are supported by donors. Debian itself does not
pay any intern.

Furthermore, Outreachy is open to all "people from groups
underrepresented in tech".

Thank you for this reply, Ulrike. Debian spending money to support
Outreachy would not be completely inconceivable. As a DD I have full
(very close to ultimate) trust that I would not have missed a discussion
about it. But as a regular user of Debian project?

No idea what this "Ken Starr" (name chosen after
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Starr ?) is after. At best we are the
subject of a study on how well defamation campaigns work in
ideals-driven tech environments. @Ken, pump it up! Something evil in me
is enjoying this. Much like skimming through the tabloids when all you
wanted to do is to go and fetch some fruit from the supermarket.

@Debian, we should find ways to objectively discuss what has been
brought up. For instance - Ken reporting on someone attending DebConf,
finding a mentor and jointly sketching a project they want to work
together - I mean, that is why we have DebConf in the first place -
@Ken, this is a success story. I am not sure if Outreachy then needs to
fund this any further, but from a Debian perspective - please do. Don't
we have someone in our midst to dissect truths in Ken's rants from
fictions? And maybe to even admit when something went wrong?


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