On 22.02.20 14:31, Steffen Möller wrote:

> Don't
> we have someone in our midst to dissect truths in Ken's rants from
> fictions? And maybe to even admit when something went wrong?

Maybe *you* could to the dissection work, you seem to be interested.

"Ken" mentions a violation of the Debian constitution. The constitution
stipulates that "Developers are volunteers". Now, who is a Debian
"Developer"? Debian Developers are people who are members of the Debian
project, i.e. what we commonly refer to as "being a DD".

- To my knowledge, no Outreachy participant was a DD at the time they
  did Outreachy.
- On top of that, many DDs are paid by their employers to do Debian
  work, are still they volunteers in the sense of the constitution?
  (Please don't reply to this, I don't care about it at all.)

"Ken" asks if women (he omits that GSoC and Outreachy don't care about
anyone's gender) who are already involved in Debian or FLOSS should
still be able to get an Outreachy internship. Why not? Don't people do
internships in the private IT sector just alike, even if they have
already done work elsewhere?

None of this does matter, because "Ken"'s goal here is not to criticize
a wrong, or to make truth visible, nor to bring productive
transformation (which, despite the tone of your email, seems to be a
suggestion of your email, Steffen), but to defamate a woman whom he does
not name, and to slander the Debian project.

"Ken" has a publicly accessible history of doxing women, defamating free
software projects and their members, using ever different pseudonyms,
while linking his stories on diverse websites he operates.

So what do you suggest, Steffen, shall "Ken" still "pump it up"?

Happy popcorn-eating,
- ulrike

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