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On Saturday, February 22, 2020 1:31 PM, Steffen Möller <steffen_moel...@gmx.de> 

> @Debian, we should find ways to objectively discuss what has been
> brought up. For instance - Ken reporting on someone attending DebConf,
> finding a mentor and jointly sketching a project they want to work
> together - I mean, that is why we have DebConf in the first place -
> @Ken, this is a success story. I am not sure if Outreachy then needs to
> fund this any further, but from a Debian perspective - please do.

An Outreachy who was privileged to be in that discussion at DebConf has an 
unfair advantage over other candidates.

That is contrary to the values Outreachy claims to promote a level playing 

Women suffer from these disadvantages and lack of networks.  Outreachy promised 
to provide a fix for that.  Debian has short-circuited the process.  If posts 
are designed that way the Outreachy is redundant.

Nobody is claiming the woman did something bad.  The candidates are not 
expected to understand everything about the integrity of this process.  That is 
the mentors job.  It must be the men.  It's always the men and their money.

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