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> Hi!
> On 21.02.20 14:33, Aron Xu wrote:
> > On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 3:51 AM Ken Starr <kenst...@protonmail.com> wrote:
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> >> We fully support spending money on diversity but not with results like 
> >> these.  Sever ties with outreachy and find another way to spend the 
> >> outreachy money in 2020.
> The above quotes email is another example of the ongoing smearing
> campaign against Debian, so I have not replied to it previously.
> However, I feel I need to reply to this now:

I understand Debian is sufferring a lot smearing campains but I think
this is kind of over reacting. We don't need to take an arbitery
challenging opinion as smearing campaign. It could become a good thing
if misunderstandings are clarified properly while discussion remains

> > I'm not quite sure about other parts of this email, but I understand
> > that outreachy for Debian itself might have already served its
> > original purpose as an experiment of attracting more diversity.
> It was hopefully not just an experiment.

It depends on how you interpret, I would regard it as a social
experiment in open source and free software community.

> > Because people's interests are always changing, it appears that Debian
> > people are less motivated to work on organizing and mentoring paid new
> > comers nowadays than a decade before, this includes GSoC which does
> > not cost Debian money. So it would be a good thing to evaluate whether
> > we consider a longer term commitment to outreachy is profitable and
> > desirable, or we find the gap between expectation and reality suggests
> > something else.
> If you, Aron, feel the need to properly discuss Outreachy's benefits for
> Debian, I propose to do that not over a mailing list, but in a BoF at
> whichever DebConf, together with the people who actually take care of
> Outreachy and GSoC, as well as with the Debian Diversity and (remains
> of) the Debian Women team.

I have prior experience with GSoC and I know we are transparent on the
whole process, there's no need to try to keep this kind of discussion
offline, if the question is already raised publicly and the discussion
remain reasonable.

> Oh, and to finish with, I know several Outreachy interns who still
> contribute to Debian - I am one of them.

It's great and thanks for your work. I want to clarify that I didn't
suggest that no intern has continued to contribute to Debian for
extended time, in contrast to what you might understand.

> Ulrike
> Please do not feed more trolls here. Thank you.

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