Hi Jeffrey,

I’m answering back from the $dayjob address because Googlemail
cannot communicate with normal mailservers.

>I can send you two dev boards, if you want them. The first is
>Wandboard Dual (Cortex-A9, ARMv7 with NEON), and the second is
>CubieTruck 5 (Cortex-A7, ARMv7 with NEON and VFPv4). Both work, but I
>don't use them much anymore. I've mostly moved on to Aarch64.

That is certainly an option, if you don’t want them any more and want
to ship them to .de, although it’ll likely take longer than just getting
access on a suitable project machine. RAM is tight on them, but with
swap the compiling should work. Both seem to have serial console, good.

Do they run stock Debian armhf?

15:41⎜<Lo-lan-do:#fusionforge> Somebody write a testsuite for helloworld :-)

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