Some great, intense, back and forth. I ask that Michael and mray pause your discussion for a moment, because I have another perspective I want to throw into the mix that may change the discussion somewhat and I'd like to avoid you wasting time, but it might take me an hour or few to get that written.

On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 5:58 PM, Bryan Richter <> wrote:
In terms of the bare minimum we need to let people support Snowdrift
through a crowdmatching mechanism, a payment or activity history is
not strictly necessary.

Consider there to be a more immediate milestone, the "shut up and take
my money" milestone. To complete such a milestone, I'm not even sure
we need both a dashboard *and* a project page. Which should we nail
down first? Given the simplicity of the goal, I think they might be
more or less identical at this embryonic stage.

Of course, as soon as we hit that milestone we will want to start
adding the other assurances and niceties.

Bryan is, as usual, right about this. For the "shut up and take my money" (suatmm) milestone, all that is needed is to show whether you are currently a patron and what the current pledge level is.

There are no limits on this milestone, so we don't need to worry about showing partial rollover. So all we need for history is a text receipt view as follows:

Apr 2016: $0.52
May 2016: $0.86
Jun 2016: $1.10
Jul 2016: $2.44
  Subtotal: $4.92
Stripe Fees: $0.34
Charged $5.26 on 2016-08-02
Aug 2016: $2.67

Package that in whatever graphics you want, that's all the info we need. We *could* add a "Running total" column to that. Could. Remember, this is just to get us through until we add an actual dashboard/history.

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