Here's a rough-around-the-edges modification of mray's mockup with the
kind of information and structure I'm arguing for:

It's rough-around-the-edges because I have very little experience with
Inkscape and could not easily figure out how to do certain things like
adjust the length of the ellipses, enlarge the main white background,
etc.  However, hopefully it will still help facilitate our discussion.

Now I'll also respond to some items from mray's and my converation about
this mockup - selectively since I have quite limited bandwidth at the

On 08/10/2016 06:30 PM, mray wrote:

> <snip>
> True. But presence of information does also not equal clarity.

Very true!  :-)

>> That will not solve the fact that you're saying "Until you're actually
>> charged some money, I'm going to withhold all information about this
>> month from you." The fundamental problem here is not the icon but that
>> information about May should be provided under May, not June or July or
>> however long it might be until the person is actually charged.
> That information would of course be displayed in the currently running
> months "matching" tab.

The main dashboard view could, and probably should, show how much
carryover from previous months this month has.  However, it won't (or
anyway shouldn't, in my view) try to show more details than that. It
should really be focused on what your pledges are and how they relate to
your limit.

> It is under but you can open
> the seafile folder:
> /mray/Website mockups/MVP/website_mvp_dashboard_history.svg
> on your local machine to get the header and footer files right.


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