Quick note: glad to see everyone weighing in. I plan to think through
this soon and consolidate ideas.

In short: I don't like losing the snowdrift dilemma concept entirely,
but I think it's the right direction. We'll keep "clearing the path…"
which can be illustrated with snowdrift / road visuals. This is all
about hinting about ideas that will be explained more later.

We really need to embrace "public goods" without hesitation, and we'd
rather people say "what qualifies as public goods?" or even "what are
public goods?" than that they get confused with the wrong impressions.
I'd rather viewers leave the video with questions and motivation to find
answers than that they leave the video thinking they understand things
fully (since they won't actually). If it's too vague, viewers won't feel
respected or that they even have clear enough questions, but it's good
for them to think they got the *general* idea but have questions.

Again, I'll weigh in with some further thoughts and another script draft

Nobody needs to stop discussing and wait for me though, just wanted to
mention these thoughts briefly.

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