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> In practice, I kind of doubt that standard libraries would actually include
> multiple implementations of the web platform.

It also seems like the implementation(s) that get included will essentially
be those those authors devote the resources to doing the development.
Meaning there isn't going to be an army of stdlib devs showing up and doing
the work to put Gecko into stdlib. At best someone from one of those
projects will email us and say "Hey, Google is putting Chrome into the
library, do you want to put Gecko?"

It also seems like it could break update cadence, since standard libraries
> don't have nearly as rapid or streamlined and mechanism for pushing out
> updates. It seems like they could ossify whatever arbitrary version got
> shipped out in a major stdlib release.

Which is a horrible, horrible idea for security. And web compatibility. And
new web features.

> I echo the sentiment that this doesn't feel like the right approach to the
> problem, and that focusing on a package ecosystem makes more sense.

Me too.

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