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Hi Shane!
> > Forks are *NOT* allowed to use the ASF's brands or trademarks, so if
> > you're planning to advertise a new fork to do active development, my bet
> > is you'll need a new name.
> Does it mean, "my" fork cannot called Mesos?
> If it's so, then please do not move Mesos in the attic. There are
> peoples who like to care Mesos but if we have to rename it, then it's
> like you kill it.

Two notes:

- Given the discussions here that show there are likely new contributors
who want to help build Apache Mesos, don't worry about the Attic.  Even
if the PMC vote succeeds at this point, I highly doubt the Board will
pass the resolution.  The Board always wants to see if a new community
can self-organize and revitalize a project, so I expect they'll defer
any official action and give people here a chance to organize.

- Trademarks are not (usually) about URLs, repo names, or package names.
 They are about brands and building products for widespread public use.
 GitHub users can create their own /ghuser/mesos forks all they want -
that's a development activity, which is generally fine.  You can
maintain your own mesos fork and improve it for your organization's use
as long as you like.

Trademarks are about *products*.  Using github.com/mesos/mesos as an
organization and project outside the ASF is not a good idea.  Forking
/ghuser/mesos/ and then trying to build a whole new community to ship
Mesos software to the world is not a good idea.  Building a new product
called M-Cloud, Powered By Apache Mesos would be fine, however.

More reading:


In any case, this should be pretty simple: find a couple of existing
committers and/or Apache Members to provide some mentoring, solicit all
the existing willing contributors and onboard them as committers or new
PMC members, and keep building Apache Mesos.  It doesn't matter if it's
ever going to be close to K8s, all that matters is if people are using
it and want to keep maintaining it here for their own workloads - if
there are folks who want to do that, then just step up and it can happen.

- Shane
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