Thanks for taking the time to explain more to an outsider. Much appreciated. I 
remain unclear as to how the project could have enough people to remain active 
on Github, but not here. However, not seeing any dissenting voices from the 
stated-possible-new-committers, I accept your reasoning, and will resume my 
place in the peanut gallery. I wish you all well, and it was a pleasure having 
you here at Apache for the past 8 years.


On 2021/04/07 01:42:07, Charles-François Natali <> wrote: 
> Hi Rich,
> FWIW, I'm one of those people who said they were interested, and I
> still voted to move it to the attic (even though my vote is non
> binding as I'm not a committer).
> Initially I also thought that we could try to revive it within the
> ASF, but it quickly became clear that *none* of the current committers
> is willing to go down that route, i.e. put in the effort needed to
> onboard new committers. And without that, there's just no way forward.
> Various people voiced other concerns as well, such as viability of the
> project when other alternatives like Kubernetes exist, lack of clear
> technical direction for the future, etc.
> While they're relevant questions, I think currently they don't really
> make sense since the current Mesos community is basically dead.
> Finally, I think that the project should be moved to the Attic de
> facto because AFAICT the Apache rules require at least 3 *active*
> committers, and that's definitely not the case.
> However I still do believe in the project for the reasons I outlined
> in some of the previous threads, and I'm still interested in
> contributing: I just think that the current structure of the project
> is not suited for that anymore. And to be honest, I just want to move
> on, I'm tired of those endless discussions - it's been almost 2 months
> since the first thread stared, and nothing happened.
> It's a shame that we won't be able to continue using
> though, as it creates a much higher
> barrier to continuing the project.
> However if that's really not possible, then I guess that leaves no
> other option: once the vote has passed, I guess I'll start a final
> thread to gather people who'd be interested to create a new project
> forked off master on github, so we can start from scratch with our own
> repository, bug tracker etc. I hope those people who said they're
> actually interested will be willing to take an active part.
> Cheers,
> Charles
> Le mer. 7 avr. 2021 à 02:50, Rich Bowen <> a écrit :
> >
> > I hope y'all can forgive me for sticking my nose in, as a concerned member. 
> > Color me confused by this vote.
> >
> > A month ago, on this same list - 
> >
> >  - Qian asked who was still interested in keeping the project going. SIX 
> > people responded that, given the chance, they'd step up and keep it going.
> >
> > Around that same time - 
> >
> >  - Vinod observed that the too-high barrier to granting committer rights 
> > has been a major factor in the slowdown of the project.
> >
> > And yet, y'all are voting to attic the project.
> >
> > So, again, it's not my project, and I don't have a vote here, but the 
> > reason the Board asks projects to have these attic conversations on the Dev 
> > list is *specifically* so that interested people can say, hey, don't attic 
> > it, we'll take it from here. Which six people, plus Qian, have done.
> >
> > Maybe it's time to lower the barrier to entry, and let these willing people 
> > take the project forward, do so. The Board can work out the picky little 
> > details of re-forming the PMC, if that's a difficulty.
> >
> >

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