On 2021/04/07 02:48:15, Vinod Kone <vinodk...@apache.org> wrote: > Hi Rich,
> Yes, there are some folks who are still interested in making some (minor)
> contributions but for that they just need a single repo to collaborate on.
> ASF has been a great home and steward for the Mesos project, but at this
> stage in its lifecycle, Mesos project could actually benefit from an ultra
> lightweight process and collaboration model. A public GitHub repo with
> requisite permissions for collaborators would serve these purposes well
> compared to the ASF process (PMC, voting, board reports etc).

The real question is: are there enough existing contributors who would
like to step up to re-form a PMC here at Apache?

It feels like one of the major undercurrents here is that the existing
Mesos PMC has historically had too high a bar to admitting committers or
new PMC members.  The simple solution is to simply lower that bar, and
see what energy new blood can contribute here.  It's really a question
of bringing the new energy there seems to be out there into the PMC.

> As an aside, would the ASF Board have any issue with the community forking
> the project and collaborating at https://github.com/mesos/mesos ?

Obviously, all of the code is under the Apache license, so everyone's
free to fork.

Forks are *NOT* allowed to use the ASF's brands or trademarks, so if
you're planning to advertise a new fork to do active development, my bet
is you'll need a new name.

In particular, since MESOS is a registered trademark in the US, it is
not practical to "give away" the registration except to another 501C3
public charity (or equivalent in Europe).


If there are specific questions around trademarks, please see:


- Shane
  Apache Member & Ex-VP Brand Management
  The Apache Software Foundation

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